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Adults Reaching Middlebury Students would like to welcome new mentors who would graciously volunteer their time and friendship to help make a difference in a student’s life. Your efforts will strengthen the individuals you encourage, and also strengthen our community as a whole. We have a large number of students in each of our schools who are waiting for mentors like you.

Through your mentoring and positive influence, these children recognize an improved outlook on life, better attendance in school, and improved grades. By having a stronger foundation as a student, these beneficiaries will enjoy a better life in the future. The friendship, memories, and influence seem to benefit the mentor as much as the student.

ARMS is a volunteer based mentoring program serving the Middlebury Community Schools. It aligns students with caring adults who meet at the school for approximately one half hour every week. Mentors do not require any special training or skills – just a small commitment of time, and a willingness to help others. Please contact ARMS at 574-822-5397, email middleburyarms@aol.com, or http://www.mcsin-k12.org/arms for more information.

We thank our current mentors and welcome new!

Adults Reaching Middlebury Students

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