Annual DYSLEXIA Report

In accordance with Senate Enrolled Act No. 217, all student in grades kindergarten through second grade are required to be screened for dyslexia beginning in the 2019-2020 school year.  Areas of strengths and areas of concern that must be examined include phonological and phonemic awareness, sound symbol recognition, alphabet knowledge, decoding skills, rapid naming, and encoding skills.

During the 2019-2020 school year, the Dyslexia Committee developed the Policies and Procedures for Screening students at Middlebury Community Schools.  All students in kindergarten, first and second grade began the screening process, but all phases of the assessment were not completed due to the COVID-19 shutdown that occurred in March, 2020.  Upon return to in-person instruction on August 12, 2020, plans are in place to begin screening the first and second graders during the first quarter, as long as school remains in-person. Kindergarten will begin screening in January.

Middlebury Community Schools provided reading intervention as needed through our intervention programs including Title 1 REACH and Reading Intervention, as well as through grade level Response to Intervention.

  Number of Students who Received Dyslexia Intervention During the Previous School Year The Total Number of Students Identified At Some Risk of Dyslexia During the Previous School Year