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originally posted on Monday, July 26, 2021 at 11:00:21 AM

Ride 360 Announcement.pdf (1.08 MB)

Beginning Monday July 26, 2021 parents of Middlebury Community Schools students can download the Traversa RIDE 360 APP to gain access to their student's transportation information**

Currently visible will be your student's AM and PM assigned bus stop(s) for school year 2021-2022.

Beginning Aug 2nd, Specific Routes with Pick Up and Drop off times will be available through the same APP.

Parents should check back often, as times and sometimes even routes have to change at the last minute.

**Adding your student(s) to your RIDE 360 app account requires you to know their MCS student number (MCS student number is a 5 or 6 digit number), you can find this number by looking al their TITAN Account and/or in your PowerSchool Parent Account. (In PS Parent please select Account Preferences>Demographics Tab 10 locate the student number.)

Middlebury Community Schools Transportation Department is implementing a new transportation information delivery system for busing.

Parents can now use Traversa's RIDE 360 App to access their student's expected pick up and drop off times digitally.

Please check back before school starts as pick up and drop off times will vary.

To access your student(s) busing information:

  1. Download the Traversa Ride 360 App OR go to: on your computer
  2. Register as a Parent
  3. Add your student(s) using their 5-digit Student ID and Birthday
  4. See your student's scheduled bus pick up and drop off times
  5. Verify/Update contact phone number