Student Enrollment Packet

  Welcome to Northridge Middle School!

  To enroll at NMS you will need:

Important information to know:

Please make your child aware of ALL pertinent information before he/she leaves home.  Getting messages   to students at school is disruptive to them and to the class.  Messages should be reserved for emergencies.

  If your student is absent please call 825-9531 as early as possible to report his/her absence.  If you are unable to call during the school day, please leave a message on our voice messaging system or send a note with your student.  All calls and notes should be directed to the attendance secretary in the front office.  If your child misses five or more consecutive school days, he/she will need to bring an excuse from their doctor.

Please send a note to the attendance secretary or call the office in the morning if you need to sign your student out during the day.  We will have your student waiting in the attendance office at the appropriate time.

If you plan to take your student out for vacation or an education trip, a vacation form must be picked up in the office in advance and signed by all teachers and a parent.  Failure to get these forms completed will result in an unexcused absence.  Please see the student handbook for a list of excused absences and further information on vacation requests.

It is imperative that the school be notified immediately of a change in address, home, cell or office telephone number or emergency contact information during the school year.


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