About JES

Jefferson Elementary School

     Jefferson Elementary School is located in Jefferson Township seven miles west of Middlebury.  Set on a 20-acre campus complete with soccer fields, fitness trail, and outdoor classroom.  Jefferson is a new brick building completed in 1998.  It is designed to house students in grades K-3 with five sections in each grade.  Jefferson Elementary is technologically complete with Internet capabilities and all classrooms having computers, T.V. monitors with VHS players, as well as three portable wireless computer labs.  A secure and safe environment is provided for both students and staff.  The building is equipped with an entrance monitoring system.

     Jefferson Elementary has an excellent academic record and is one of the few schools in the state to receive the Four-Star rating more than one year.  A caring and dedicated faculty, support staff, administration, and parents provide a positive, pleasant, and safe atmosphere for students to learn.  They take pride in Jefferson's achievements. Jefferson Elementary School has also been a multi-year recipient of cash awards from the Indiana Department of Education for improved test scores.