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What is Blended Learning and what is the Blended Learning Lab at Northridge Middle School?

As the name implies, Blended Learning refers to the practice of using technology to deliver individualized curricular content or remediation to students blended in with the use of more traditional teaching practices.  Northridge Middle School is already using a Blended Learning approach to serve the needs of our students.  This happens within individual courses, as well as special settings for those needing additional instruction and interventions.  Our newly formed Blended Learning Lab will take this to an entirely new level.  As our world changes and the technological tools do as well, we believe it is our duty and responsibility to provide options to students and families that may be less traditional and more individualized and flexible.  We are very proud of our school, but recognize that for some students and families, there are reasons that they have sought out other educational settings for their students.  Whether it is home schooling or online virtual schools, we understand that families have left or considered leaving us to meet their educational needs in other ways.  We believe that our Blended Learning Lab will be a very attractive program for these families.

The NMS Blended Learning Lab will center on a comprehensive online curriculum, nearly identical to programs currently offered at other virtual schools.  The advantage to considering our new setting is what we like to call "the best of both worlds".  Students will have an expected amount of time physically in our lab working on their virtual curriculum with the support of a certified teacher "live" with them.  The time of day in our building will be very flexible.  They can then continue with the curriculum online from outside of physical school and continue to learn at their own individualized pace of instruction.  Add to this offering, the availability of our traditional courses/ programs which can individually be added to our online virtual curriculum.  Want to add Chinese or Spanish classes taught by a highly qualified instructor in person? Done!  Want to add Instrumental Music or Vocal Music?  PE?  Language Arts?  Math?  Science?  Social Studies?  All possible and more!  We imagine that no two students in the Blended Learning Lab will have identical schedules.  So many choices for individualized needs to be met!

If you are interested in learning more and/ or would like to be added to our contact list, please contact Dr. Robby Goodman, Principal of Northridge Middle School at either or (574) 825-9531.