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MCS Tech Bits and Bytes

Posted on Friday, August 13, 2021 @ 03:33:10 PM

1:1 Tech Room Hours for 21-22

Posted on Monday, August 9, 2021 @ 07:44:50 AM
Updated on Monday, January 3, 2022 @ 08:21:34 AM

NMS Tech Room Hours -- 8:30-9:30 and 3:00-3:30 (9:00-10:00 and 3:00-3:30 on Wednesdays)

NHS Tech Room Hours -- 8:30-12:00 and 2:00-4:00 (9:00-12:00 and 2:00-4:00 on Wednesdays)

CCC Tech Committee Meeting 10-15-2020

Posted on Thursday, October 15, 2020 @ 03:57:51 PM

Virtual teaching and eLearning


  1. Define difference between virtual teaching (if we go 100%) and eLearning

Weather day = e-learning model 

Mandated Virtual = Virtual Learning model


  1. eLearning access 
    1. Change in how students/parents access
      1. Template-will keep a template, but make it static- teachers would not need to update each e-learning day. 
      2. Template would have information for parents such as- link to attendance; link to Google Classroom, Seesaw, Moodle; links to help resources; discount wifi rate information
    2. Changes in expectations from the state- not as of now
    3. We will use same expectations as last winter/spring. Assignments due using the same timeline as last year
    4. Attendance- use similar Google form link 

  1. If 100% virtual
    1. Expectations of teachers- work at school
      1.  At school daily providing instruction from classrooms
      2. Live instruction equal to class period/day
    2. Attendance- students on live via Google Meet. (Students without access will need accommodations TBD)
    3. Preparing students 
      1. Expectations- go through this with students now, especially those that have not yet been virtual his year.
      2. Access to devices & Internet. Chromebooks & power cords will go home K-5
      3. Using Google Meet and other apps- practice in the classroom. (K-5 practice early in the morning, before 6-12 begins).
    4. Tech support will be available TBD 


  1. Teaching from home when students are in-school if you have to be quarantined
    1. Help Doc link for how to teach from home
    2. Consider adding document camera software to your laptop while you are on the school network.You will not be able to add the software from home.


  1. Help docs teachers/students will need?


Hybrid - some aspects may resemble elearning but the “learning time” will be different


Tech department - ready to go at Jefferson, York and NHS to have an access point so people can get access to download things. Come to the parking lot -- eventually will have athletic complex outdoor access point.

CCC Tech Committee Meeting 9-24-2020

Posted on Friday, October 2, 2020 @ 08:49:44 AM

CCC Tech Committee Meeting 
September 24, 2020 
Administration Board Room 


  1.  Welcome 
  1. Meeting Minutes- Thanks for joining the party! Please interact, share info from buildings, and then share information back to your buildings.   Jeremy will send them out and also post on the Technology Dept. webpage.  Communication is vital- staff meeting or whatever venue works best for your building. 
  1. Bandwidth- 2 GB of bandwidth, we are bumping it up to 4 GB soon.  Jeremy has been watching our district use every afternoon.  We typically operate at 1 GB or less each day. Therefore, issues that are occurring are not due to bandwidth.  It is more likely a Google or other issue.  The standard is to have 1 GB per 1000 students so we will soon be right in line with the standard even though we currently don’t use near that much. 
  1. Ticket Info- Closed over 1500 tickets so far this year.  We have been down one technician but are keeping up with tickets pretty well.  It takes about 2.3 days to close a ticket unless it is an extended fix/issue.   
  1. General Info for Staff (please share in staff meetings): 
  1. Please put in tickets – Tech windows are open.  That is where to call.  People still call Jeremy- if you want to ask if it is “ticket worthy”, put in a ticket.  Just do  


  1. Don’t store files on hard drive of computer- use cloud storage.  
  1. Google app/extension whitelist- The techs vet or analyze the app for security or privacy. Kids cannot request apps- the request needs to come from a staff member.  
  1. Promethean Boards- All new. Some connectivity issues right at first, but those just needed to be figured out. We think we have worked through those issues with the exception of a few boards.  If staff are having issues put in a ticket so we know. There is still a training that we will offer if a teacher missed the training during the summer.  
  1. Where we are going with tech rooms in future 
  1. Future refreshes- Did Heritage this year.  This coming summer will be the AD Center and maybe some network work.  
  1. Technology Coach Updates – Donna and Patty- Patty started the year with SeeSaw training and support. Similar to Google Classroom.  Seesaw is in all elementaries.  Currently working on Parent Teacher Conference schedules.  Then some support on how to do the Google meet.  Patty has also done some videos on using the Promethean Bds.   Donna- Active Panel started with technical issues.  Screencastify issues- Donna will be sending out some information that might be helpful for trouble shooting.   Trying to adjust to staff needs as they develop.  So glad to have a second coach.  With two coaches, they are able to be in every building at least once a week.  Staff can email one or both coaches...they will work together.  Don’t forget the Technology Support Documents Section on the Tech Assistance webpage.  
  1. Schoology – Timeline for trainings We have purchased it and have onboarded the information.  Next step is training.  Train the trainer model- train one or two people per building.  When are we going to be ready to begin the next step?  We would like to be running with it by next fall.  This year is just training and trial time.  Discussion- is there a tutorial?  Schoology utilizes the Train the Trainer model.  Probably two per building.  After the end of the quarter- end of October beginning of November to train the trainers, give them time to play with it, and then do the rest of the staff after Christmas.   
  1. Computer Science Standards – Dr. Goodman, Donna 
  1. What is being done/not being done in buildings? 
  1. K-2: 
  1. 3-5: 
  1. 6-8: 
  1. K-12: 
  1. Virtual Learning Info (COVID) 
  1. How we can help each otherBoomerang, mental health, - Allow people to have a break when they want it, limit emails or number of people that need to see the emails you send.  Is it necessary to “reply all”? Etc.  Boomerang still works, but Outlook also has a new feature that allows you to schedule when an email goes out.   
  1. District-Wide Concerns- Screencastify seems to be a recurring issue that the coaches have heard but hopefully the fixes that were just sent will make a difference.   
  1. Round-The-Table 

CCC Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 2-13-20

Posted on Thursday, February 13, 2020 @ 03:36:33 PM

CCC Tech Committee Meeting 
February 13, 2020 
Administration Board Room 


  1.  Welcome 
  1. Virus update and time to answer questions:  
  1. No questions 
  1. Cloud Storage and Home Directory Deadline – March 27th 
  1. Please make sure that everything is moved over in time! 
  1. Sub Folder and Scan Folder 
  1. These folders are now back on desktops.  The folders won’t hold a lot of files.  It is imperative that staff members remove files from these folders when they are finished with them so that it doesn’t fill up. 
  1. Phishing Campaign 
  1. This is happening once per month 
  1. LMS Update – Jeremy 
  1. Working on having Schoology present to CCC Tech in March 
  1. Chromebook whitelist – Jeremy 
  1. Tech will implement this as soon as they can. 
  1.  Technology Coach Updates – Donna 
  1. Will continue to send out information and be available to help people move files to the cloud storage options. 
  1. Donna will continue to remind people about e-learning. 
  1. E-LearningQuestions/Comments? 
  1. K-8 plan  
  1. High School plan 
  1. Computer Science Standards – Dr. Goodman, Donna 
  1. Information From Buildings: 
  1. Do we want to look at creating a sub-committee to figure out where the gaps are between Computer Science Standards and Essential Skills?  Will it be used?  This was discussed in the Leadership Meeting on 2/13 and input is requested from CCC Tech members.   
  1. If teachers are going to be held to standards and they are required, it was suggested that this was a logical thing to do.   
  1. From a teacher perspective it was suggested that if we put things into one format it will be easier to implement. 
  1. It is the goal to make things doable and reasonable.  We now have more devices and we can probably do more than we have been able to in the past. 
  1. Donna has been working on “how to” videos that anyone can use to show how things work (such as google slides) to make it easier when working with students. 
  1. Whatever is done with this information has to go back to buildings to share back to staff.  Buildings also need to determine how this will be utilized.  This was the piece that was missing before.   
  1. Dates will be set and invites set out to create a committee.  Will work to get someone from every grade and every school to make sure there is good representation.   
  1. Current staus: 
  1. K-2: 
  1. 3-5: 
  1. 6-8: 
  1. K-12: 
  1. District-Wide Concerns 
  1. Round-The-Table 


Next Meeting Dates: 
March 12, 2020 
April 16, 2020 
May 14, 2020 

CCC Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 1-16-20

Posted on Friday, January 17, 2020 @ 10:51:30 AM

CCC Tech 01-16-20

  1. Welcome
  2. Virus update and time to answer questions
  • Jeremy met with the group that helped build our network to discuss any weaknesses and they are working to develop a plan to fix those weaknesses.
  • Penn was hit in November with the same ransomware virus as us. Did not pay ransom.  LaPorte got hit and paid $130,000 they got their data back, but their network is still susceptible.  Elkhart government, Patrick Industries, the city of Las Vegas, schools across Indiana and other have been hit.
  • Probably came from Russia or North Korea
  • Data was not stolen. Network wasn’t hacked. Our data was just encrypted- making it useless to us. The ransomer does not want our data, just $
  • Should cost between $150-$200 thousand to get us back to where we need to be
  • The techs appreciate the thanks and kind gestures from district staff 
  • Started Christmas Eve with a failed backup. Had good back up from Thursday night. Had to rebuild every server.  Took 3 weeks to rebuild everything. 
  • Every device looked at was infected- desktops, laptops- everything
  • Had to clean each desktop/laptop with Windows CDs. Still need to finish with the 700 student computers. 
  • Had to rebuild print servers. Some schools are still struggling.
  • Home directories- trying to get them back. Hopefully. They will come back for a limited time for staff members to move it to the cloud. After deadline, the home directory will be shut down for good. 
  • Upload your flash drive to the cloud and stop using them. They are easily corrupted. Tech dept has not started with flash drives yet. Somewhere between 500-1300 drives to clean.
  • Public wifi will not be back for a while. Needs some changes.
  • Tech dept may make some changes to the network in the future.
  • Concerns about staff members getting onto personal e-mail accounts while on the school network. This is where many virus problems start.
  • Still need to collect 4 high school laptops. Those 4 kids are locked out until they bring their device back. All other 11th & 12th grade laptops have been turned in.
  • Should HS & MS kids only be able to get on the network with a school (or BYOD) device? The past 2 weeks have been much different in a better way with students not having wifi access. More discussions with higher levels admin before a decision is made. (Students not staff may lose wifi access)
  1. Password Changes – Jeremy  A couple more password changes will be coming in the next year. Getting back to at least one a year. Will need to change your password in 2 months or so and then again when school starts in August.
  2. LMS Update – Jeremy  
  • Schoology wants to know if we’d like another presentation and/or a sandbox environment to play with moving stuff from Moodle and Google Classroom. Jeremy will set something up for those committee members who are interested. There is no plan as of now to move to a district LMS (learning management system). 
  1. Chromebook whitelist – Jeremy  Haven’t got to that obviously. Will happen...
  2. Technology Coach Updates – Donna
  • She will come to buildings and help teachers move their O drive to the cloud. Just ask.
  • Updating help sheets & videos to help staff use Google Drive & One Drive
  • She will be here 3 days a week next year. Next year she will have a team mate. Job should be posted any day.
  1. E-Learning – Feedback after e-learning day – Dr. Goodman, Donna, Jeremy
  • What would we do if e-learning tomorrow? We would still have an e-learning day, but give the HS a longer window since many students do not have their devices.  HS should get their devices back next week.  
  1. K-8 plan 
  2. High School plan
  3. Computer Science Standards – Dr. Goodman, Donna
  4. What is being done/not being done in buildings? Every grade level does not need to address every standard. They are in bands, so we need to make sure there are not gaps.  Donna has a folder for each building with sheets for grade levels to complete. Return by Jan 31. (Marion will go into more detail at our staff meeting on Jan 27th)
  5. Tech Skills development are also important. The CS standards tend to be heavily coding based. 
  6. K-2:
  7. 3-5:
  8. 6-8:
  9. K-12:
  10. Look at the i-can statements to see what you are teaching and what still needs to be taught. 
  11. Need to make a report to CCC by May

CCC Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 12-12-19

Posted on Thursday, December 12, 2019 @ 03:49:10 PM

CCC Tech Committee Meeting 
December 12, 2019 
Administration Board Room 


  1.  Welcome 
  1. Staffing – Jeremy, Dr. Goodman 

The corporation is adding a .6 technology coach for next year.  We will now have 1 full-time tech coach and one .6 coach.  This is a great move forward! 

  1. Password ChangesJeremy 

Please remember that is you change your password on your computer you will also need to change it on your phone or other personal device that you have connected to the network.  If you don’t do this you will get locked out as the system sees this as an invalid attempt. 

  1. LMS Update – Jeremy 

Schoology is one of the LMS’s that we looked at last year.  It is also the one that people liked the most.  Schoology has recently been purchased by PowerSchool.  It will be interesting to see how this looks going forward. 

  1. Chromebook whitelist – Jeremy 

A reminder to complete your Google Form by 12-13 for requesting apps to be whitelisted for chromebooks. 

  1.  Technology Coach Updates – Donna 

Donna sent out a survey looking for suggestions to make the e-learning website better.  Please give her feedback!  Positive feedback so far in regards to e-learning.   

  1. E-Learning – Feedback after e-learning day – Dr. Goodman, Donna, Jeremy 
  1. K-8 plan  
  1. High School plan 

The first time this year as easier than the first time last year.  Lab numbers were down compared to last year.  Teachers at NMS liked the attendance form as it was simple and separate.  The videos were good.  The switch to day-of was a good thing overall.  It wasn’t as much of an issue getting staff to stay this year.  Having the lab time not on Friday helped with that.   

Donna went through the templates and saw a lot of different things being tried.  Screencastify was used a lot more. 

  1. Computer Science Standards – Dr. Goodman, Donna 
  1. K-2: 
  1. 3-5: 
  1. 6-8: 
  1. K-12: 

Donna has talked to the State.  They pointed her to the “I can” statements in the CSS.  These help out a lot.  We will look at what we are doing and the “I can” statements at the next meeting.  Building technology committees should look at the CSS form and identify what is being done/not being done and what could be done.   

  1. District-Wide Concerns 
  1. Round-The-Table 


Next Meeting Dates: 
January 16, 2020 
February 13, 2020 
March 12, 2020 
April 16, 2020 
May 14, 2020 

CCC Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 10-17-19

Posted on Thursday, October 17, 2019 @ 04:10:47 PM

  1.  Welcome 
  1. Ticket System – Jeremy showed the ticket system and updated people by showing graphs of the tickets that have been closed this year and the amount of time taken to get those tickets taken care of. 
  1. Boomerang demo – Jeremy showed the committee how to install the Boomerang Add-In to Outlook email.  This add-in allows the sender to schedule emails to be sent at a later date.  This could be very useful for allowing the sender to create the email in the evening but not have it sent until the next morning, so as to not interrupt the person’s family time who will receive the email if it were sent in the evening hours.  This also has other benefits, such as scheduling reminder emails. 
  1. Calendar Dates – November – A discussion was had on what the November meeting will look like.  Jeremy will not be there on the 14th.  A decision will be made at a later date as to whether or not the meeting will be rescheduled or cancelled. 
  1. Technology Refresh – HIS – It is Heritage’s turn for new equipment.  They will be getting new teacher laptops and desktops.  The laptops will be a laptop only and not have a docking station and extra monitor. 
  1.  Technology Coach Updates – Donna 
  1. E-learning workshops coming up – video creation, attendance form, lesson ideas and worktime for collaborative lesson development. 
  1. Thursday October 31st - 2nd and 3rd grades 
  1. Wednesday pm- Specialty teachers etc... 
  1. Thursday November 7 – Kindergarten and 1st grades 
  1. E-Learning – Dr. Goodman, Donna, Jeremy 
  1. K-8 plan A question arose about the teacher hours.  3 hours will be on the day of the event.  The other 3 hours are during the lab time.  We will discuss after the first event whether the 3 hours should continue during lab time or happen on a weekend. 
  1. High School plan -- The NHS plan will add lab time split between morning and afternoon.  1 hour before and 1 hour after.  There was also discussion about what time inclement weather days are called in the morning.  Dr. Goodman stated that they try to cancel by 5:30 am if they can.   
  1. Computer Science Standards – Dr. Goodman, Donna 
  1. K-2: 
  1. 3-5: 
  1. 6-8: 
  1. K-12: 
    There is a State mandate that we have to be ready to have in place next year.  We don’t know what that means, but we need to be ready.  Some schools have looked at the standards.  Other schools have not.  Some teachers do not understand what the Standards mean because of the way that they are written.   
    These standards came out the last time that science standards were put out.  They were quietly included with Science standards.  
    Tech CCC will need to be able to take a document to CCC that shows them how the Standards will be covered.  This will need to be done by the Spring.  
  1. District-Wide Concerns -- None 
  1. Round-The-Table 


Next Meeting Dates: 

November 14, 2019 
December 12, 2019 
January 16, 2020 
February 13, 2020 
March 12, 2020 
April 16, 2020 
May 14, 2020 

CCC Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 5-16-19

Posted on Thursday, May 16, 2019 @ 03:10:36 PM
Updated on Thursday, October 17, 2019 @ 04:09:23 PM

CCC Tech Committee Meeting

Members Present: Robby Goodman, Jaime Nathaniel, Donna Stajkowski, Kathy Huys, Corey Greider, Holly Miller, Scott Miller, Rustin Swartzentruber, Joe Kominowski, Kelly Anglemeyer, Patty Prendergast, Marion Hochstetler, Josh Yoder


NHS likes the separation of attendance and grades

Majority of staff likes day-of

NMS has concern about getting things posted by 9:00.  Once they experience it things should get more comfortable.

Already have a library of things saved from this past year.

Concern about elementary getting all subjects up.  Elementary said it wasn’t as hard going forward because they have already done it.

Elementary schools have done well at adjusting to time that it takes.  This was from a parent perspective.

Is there a way to let families know that they are done with the assignments?  A checklist?  An automatic reply can be set up that lets students know that they have submitted a google form.  Donna will look at ways that feedback can be given on this.

Consensus was to stick with current plan changes.

Dr. Goodman will put this information out to people.  This will be available for registration, on website, etc.

CCC Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 4-18-19

Posted on Thursday, April 18, 2019 @ 03:51:32 PM
Updated on Thursday, May 16, 2019 @ 03:05:29 PM

CCC Tech Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Curt Schwartz, Andrew Robinson, Corey Greider, Holly Miller, Rustin Swartzentruber, Patty Prendergast, Jaime Shreiner, Jeremy Miller, Josh Yoder, Joe Kominowski, Robby Goodman, Yvonne Buller



  1. NHS likes Moodle because they are already using Moodle.  They also feel strongly that it needs to have a lockdown browser.
  2. OVE believe that it is best to have student sign-ons to get used to first with google classroom before going to a full LMS.
  3. YES – Schoology is the most realistic in a K-3 out of all the LMS’s we have used. It needs to be used for more than just e-learning.  Joe can’t see his teachers using Moodle.  They like the text-to-speech feature of Schoology.
  4. The consensus was made to keep going down our current road with Google Classroom and Moodle and keep LMS discussions in the mix for the future. There might be more of a need for a more robust LMS in the future as we get more comfortable with being digital.



  1. Admin discussion was to go (for K-8) day of with assignments posted by 9:00 AM (10:00) if we have a delay and then cancel).  Teachers have digital office hours from 9-12 (10-1 if delay first).  Other 3 hours of teacher digital time will be during 3 hour after school lab offering.  One day of lab after school with 3 hour time frame.  Minimum of 2 days after the event.  Will not occur on a Friday.  Assignments will be due after both a weekend and the lab time.  Paper copies will be given to those who request.
  2. YES was concerned about teachers collaborating by grade level and having to post assignments by 9:00.
  3. Friday for labs just didn’t work. It was hard to get people to stay.
  4. Teachers were ready to post assignments earlier than Thursday, as we did this year.
  5. If we have back-to-back days we could do 2 after school lab days, a weekend, and have things do about the same time.
  6. There are 2-3 teachers in the corporation who don’t have access to internet at home.
  7. Students who request paper packets should be able to have access to them within 48 hours of returning to school or by the lab time. Whichever comes first.  We are going to attempt to have labs open within 48 hours of the event (except for Fridays).
  8. This cuts the opportunity for classified staff to make up hours but there was an issue with getting classified staff to stay this past year.
  9. We haven’t discussed how many days in a row we would go with e-learning. This would be something worked out with MTA presidents and superintendents.
  10. NHS would like for the TV, radio, and phone announcements to say that we are having an e-learning day when school is cancelled.
  11. How long should the attendance window be opened? There was an issue this year with teachers having to go back in after 2 weeks and change attendance.  It should be within 48 hours with a certain level of grace. 
  12. Buildings can make attendance decisions on their own.
  13. 6-12 -If the assignment is not done on time the absence will count but the grade will still be taken.
  14. CCC Tech will go back to buildings and talk to staff. We will get additional feedback at next meeting and will make an official decision then.
  15. May 16th is next meeting

CCC Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 3-14-19

Posted on Thursday, March 14, 2019 @ 04:20:23 PM

CCC Tech Committee Meeting Minutes from 3-14-19

Members present: Curt Schwartz, Jaime Shreiner, Jan Sharp, Donna Stajkowski, Andrew Robinson, Robby Goodman, Corey Greider, Josh Yoder, Scott Miller, Rustin Swartzentruber, Joe Kominowski, Jessica Graber, Patty Prendergast, Jeremy Miller

  1. Our school web site is now mobile friendly.  Improvements are still being made but it is up and running for mobile devices
  2. Our website is also changing to have the navigation bar go across the top instead of on the side. We have also combined several links under different headings to make the main navigation less crowded so that the site is easier to navigate.
  3. MCS is beginning a phishing campaign for staff. Staff will receive emails throughout the year that ask for information to be entered, such as passwords, username, etc.  Staff who click on these links will be enrolled in training to further understand the importance of being knowledgeable of what phishing scams look like.  The goal is to protect our network and teacher people how to protect their personal information at home.  This will only be for staff at this point in time.  Not students.
  4. Donna showed the Moodle LMS to committee members.  Moodle is what is currently used at NHS.  You can now do video and audio on Moodle.  Multiple things can be put on the page for each teacher.  Moodle has an app for students.
  5. Google Classroom is much more basic. It keeps improving all the time.  You have to have a different class set up for each period.  In other LMS’s you can set up a class and assign it to different periods.  You can take things from different sites and put them into google classroom.  Parents can get reports.
  6. Here is a link to a document that Donna created to show the features of Moodle and GoogleClassroom.
  7. We will discuss the different LMS platforms at the April meeting. What do we like about each one?  Dislike?  There is no clear decision on LMS and we don’t even know if we will switch.  This year was to create an awareness and see what is out there.  The CCC Tech will make a recommendation in the future.
  8. There was also a question about whether or not the money would be better spent on subscriptions for teachers to use in the classroom rather than on a LMS.
  9. E-learning changes will be discussed at a future meeting. Time ran out.
  10. The CCC Tech meeting minutes will be posted on the Tech Page.
  11. Thank you to our aswesome CCC Tech Committee for all of their work this year!
  12. Next meeting - April 18, 2019



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