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CCC Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 3-14-19

Posted on Thursday, March 14, 2019 @ 04:20:23 PM

CCC Tech Committee Meeting Minutes from 3-14-19

Members present: Curt Schwartz, Jaime Shreiner, Jan Sharp, Donna Stajkowski, Andrew Robinson, Robby Goodman, Corey Greider, Josh Yoder, Scott Miller, Rustin Swartzentruber, Joe Kominowski, Jessica Graber, Patty Prendergast, Jeremy Miller

  1. Our school web site is now mobile friendly.  Improvements are still being made but it is up and running for mobile devices
  2. Our website is also changing to have the navigation bar go across the top instead of on the side. We have also combined several links under different headings to make the main navigation less crowded so that the site is easier to navigate.
  3. MCS is beginning a phishing campaign for staff. Staff will receive emails throughout the year that ask for information to be entered, such as passwords, username, etc.  Staff who click on these links will be enrolled in training to further understand the importance of being knowledgeable of what phishing scams look like.  The goal is to protect our network and teacher people how to protect their personal information at home.  This will only be for staff at this point in time.  Not students.
  4. Donna showed the Moodle LMS to committee members.  Moodle is what is currently used at NHS.  You can now do video and audio on Moodle.  Multiple things can be put on the page for each teacher.  Moodle has an app for students.
  5. Google Classroom is much more basic. It keeps improving all the time.  You have to have a different class set up for each period.  In other LMS’s you can set up a class and assign it to different periods.  You can take things from different sites and put them into google classroom.  Parents can get reports.
  6. Here is a link to a document that Donna created to show the features of Moodle and GoogleClassroom.
  7. We will discuss the different LMS platforms at the April meeting. What do we like about each one?  Dislike?  There is no clear decision on LMS and we don’t even know if we will switch.  This year was to create an awareness and see what is out there.  The CCC Tech will make a recommendation in the future.
  8. There was also a question about whether or not the money would be better spent on subscriptions for teachers to use in the classroom rather than on a LMS.
  9. E-learning changes will be discussed at a future meeting. Time ran out.
  10. The CCC Tech meeting minutes will be posted on the Tech Page.
  11. Thank you to our aswesome CCC Tech Committee for all of their work this year!
  12. Next meeting - April 18, 2019



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