Address Entry Standards for PowerSchool

(To import correctly into Traversa)

Updated 1/25/2021

When entering student demographic information in PowerSchool, please do not use any punctuation, no periods or commas; just separate information with one space.
56724 Somewhere Ln

County Roads should not contain any full directional words (North, South, etc.). Please only use N S E W.
2468 W Anywhere Rd

Lot Numbers and Apartment Numbers should appear at the end of the address line separated by one space and preceded by either the word Lot or Apt as shown below. Please exclude the # sign.
10039 County Road 4 Lot 77
506 S Main St Apt 12

For numbered roads, please always spell out the names as shown below.

ENTER THIS: Examples: Not this:
State Road State Road 15 SR 15
County Road County Road 108 CR 108
US Highway US Highway 20 US 20

For named roads, please spell the name and abbreviate the type, with NO period, as shown below.

ENTER THIS: Examples: Not this:
Est Broadmore Est Broadmore Estates
Dr Jefferson Ridge Dr Jefferson Rdg. Dr.
St Main St Main Street, Main St.
Ct Madison Ct Madison Court, Madison Ct.
Trl Timber Trl Timber Trail, Timber Trl.
Cir Brookmist Cir Brookmist Circle
Ln St Marys Ln St. Mary's Lane
Trce Savanna Trce Savanna Trace, Savanna Trc.
Pl Nadelhorn Pl Nadelhorn Place, Plc.
Blvd Crystal Heights Blvd Crystal Heights Blvd.
Pkwy Industrial Pkwy E Industrial Pkwy. E.

The student's Home Address needs to follow these formats so that PowerSchool can communicate with Traversa in a manner that Traversa can use to assign the student to a bus route. The Mailing Address can follow other rules if you like. If you fine a student in PowerSchool whose Home and Mailing addresses do not match, please DO NOT change the Home Address. Thank you!

All phone numbers must contain a slash after the area code; no parentheses.