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York Elementary School

York Elementary School is located approximately six miles north of Middlebury in a warm and inviting setting nestled among the thousands of pine trees in York Township.  The building was completed in 1984, with an extended wing of six classrooms completed in 1998.  It currently serves students in grades kindergarten through three.  There are three kindergartens, three first grades, three second grades, and three third grades. 

York Elementary School is technologically complete with all classrooms having computers, the use of a computer lab, and Internet capabilities.  Some classrooms are integrating interactive whiteboards into instruction and the use of technology is increasing daily.  The safety of York students is promoted and protected by a security camera system.

A friendly and caring atmosphere characterizes the building as noted by students, parents, and community members.  Students and staff take learning seriously and strive for excellence daily.  All classrooms are active with students learning in an enjoyable atmosphere that is characteristically brain compatible.  York Elementary School parents are very active in PTO and school activities and take pride in the school’s achievements.